COVID-19 saw us organizing a training that would have been a physical event pre-COVID, and along with the rest of the world we had to go virtual. We trained Federal Capital Territory-Internal Revenue Service {FCT-IRS} on Supervision Skills For Managers…

This was to enable managers, supervisors and team leads refine their leadership, management and relational skills through assessment, exercises, case studies and discussions.

The focus was on matching the appropriate delegation style to meet the individual needs of the staff members and teams.  There is a lot that goes into leading a team and a lot of factors come into play.

The personal state of the Leader, the leader’s values, thoughts and beliefs, experiences, and individuality play a critical role in how the leader expresses his/herself and how he/she conducts their affairs.

We employed a lot of virtual exercises that made everyone feel like they were in close proximity, it was indeed a productive and efficient retreat.


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