About Us

About Us

The CORE Academy pushes the limits of human potential to create innovative learning systems of the utmost quality. With the highest ethical standards and pure dedication to excellence in all operational aspects, we aspire to exceed our customers' expectations. We recognize one of the most challenging issues to date is untapped potential, and are uncompromising in our dedication to unlocking this integral element in people in all our business activities.


We provide leadership and management programs, soft skills and technical courses, training, development, and consultancy services for corporates, government and

Since its inception in September 2015, The CORE Academy has been committed to providing the highest quality, needs-based training interventions to its clients, both locally and internationally.

Driven by our team’s passion for education, training, development, and 100% commitment to excellent service. The CORE Academy thus facilitates training, provides hard and soft skills certification programs in career development.


To deliver cutting-edge and dynamic training workshops, coaching, and mentoring moments effective in giving the individual and organization a winning edge.


We have an outstanding track record in delivering responsive high-quality courses to all sectors of the corporate world which we are able to customize to the client’s needs and time frame.


At The CORE Academy, our core values establish a framework for all our strategies and decisions. More than just words on a page, these are standards by which we strive to conduct daily business. The core values that guide us

We are a group of people who are truly dedicated to the business of empowering people. Our trainers are renowned for their beneficial training programs and we ensure that the quality and reputation of our organization are constantly upheld.

We always provide our customers with excellent services, one of quality to be proud of, that meets and exceeds their expectations.

We uphold particular ethical standards; we say what we mean and we honor our word in business dealings. We are committed to honest, open communication and doing the right things for the right reasons.

Working together as a team, we will do everything possible to meet the needs of our customers and achieve optimal standards and results.

We are strong believers in the concept of continuous improvement. Our training programmes are constantly updated to ensure that the content t the current need of our participants. We also review our marketing strategy from time to time to ensure we give our clients the most lucrative deals possible dare to be different by providing real life innovativetoolsforindividualgrowthand organizational success

All our training programmes encompass a successful formula; knowledge+Hands on+ fun. Our trainers are all passionate people, who are eager to leave a mark in the lives of our clients through practical and engaging transferof knowledge methodologies.


Our Unique Edge in The CORE Academy is the use of practical and applicable real-life NLP tools, CORE STRENGTH FINDER, and CORE Personality test which helps guide the individual and organization on their key focus area. The Academy uses NLP tools and the Strengthening approach to match individuals and organizations to their strengths so that they function better from an advantaged position.


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