ABUCOOP- Building A Professional Image Workshop

2022 had us starting the year with a 2-day training to equip sales professionals to attract and retain high-paying clients and provide them with strategies that will enable them to meet their annual sales target.

Some of the concepts covered include:

The following core concepts were covered in the training program

  1. Managing from Within; The Master Listener
  2. Influence, Lead & Motivate Others
  3. EQ’s Key Role in Personal Leadership, Interpersonal Communication and Organizational Success
  4. Customer Relationship Management
  5. Intentional pursuit strategy
  6. Goal Setting & Strategy Visioning Using the ACCEPT Formula
  7. Developing A+ Working Group Boosting Organizational Efficiency
  8. Strategy development and Formulation for Boosting Organizational Goals

You can also reach us to organize one for your organization, kindly check the contact us page to see how you can reach us.






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